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Equipping your business premises with a security system is a sure way to protect yourself from criminals or disasters. That’s why the Anaveo Antilles-Guyane teams are here to advise you on security.


How to equip your company with a security system?

Anaveo Antilles-Guyane assists each of its clients in Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana throughout the entirety of their security procedures.

FAQ - Security in the workplace

A security system designed exclusively for your premises is an effective solution to implement. Indeed, you can combine several solutions. Monitoring at work and access control allow you, for example, to manage entrances and exits and to intervene quickly in case of intrusion. A fire alarm will allow you to react at the first sign of a fire.

Having a camera at work is a perfectly legal and legitimate option to protect your employees as well as your premises. However, your use of monitoring must comply with the regulations in force, including those of the CNIL and the Labour Inspectorate. For example, you must absolutely warn your employees about the use of a camera. If your establishment does not have outsiders, you should not constantly monitor your employees at their workstations.

Thus, if a video surveillance system allows for any doubt to be removed in real time, be careful not to abuse it. On our side, Anaveo Antilles-Guyane ensures the compliance of your security systems and is there to answer all your questions.

The images of your video surveillance system can be kept for one month. The conservation of images can be extended if you have suffered a disaster or a burglary. The images can then be used in the various procedures required.

Be careful though. Only certain people have access to these images on a daily basis. This is particularly the case for security managers in the course of their duties.

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