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Theft from shops is worth billions of euros every year and can sometimes be difficult to detect. Anaveo Antilles-Guyane offers SuspectTracker®, the artificial intelligence that automatically detects any thief in a store.

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Artificial Intelligence with SuspectTracker®.

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SuspectTracker® is a solution that we have developed to reinforce the security of your points of sale against in-store theft techniques. The benefits of this system include the fight against shrinkage and shoplifting and real-time alerts for action. It prevents theft from affecting your turnover.

You can also measure the impact of your video surveillance system thanks to the performance reports provided by your AI (number of thieves foiled…). You no longer have to deal with unknown markdowns, as the amounts are also calculated. This solution is turnkey and easy to use.

SuspectTracker® records and analyzes the images captured by your in-store video surveillance cameras. Thanks to machine learning, it is able to detect suspicious movements. It then compares them to the flight images in its database. A suspicious gesture in a clothing pocket is detected in real time and the AI warns you via your app.

SuspectTracker® has been awarded the 2021 Perifem Awards for its innovation and performance. The Anaveo group is the first in France to deploy this video surveillance system with artificial intelligence on a large scale.

To optimize the efficiency of this artificial intelligence, the camera must be placed in the shelves. This way, you can spot shoplifters and their increasingly sophisticated theft techniques.

There are also many techniques for theft from automatic cash registers. We can also support you with solutions such as our CheckOutTracker®. It allows you to check in real time that all the items in a shopping cart have been scanned beforehand. With the algorithm of this artificial intelligence, the security of your store is thus ensured.

An AI camera can reinforce an existing security system and create an alert for a theft. In addition to video surveillance and wifi cameras, there are also solutions for intrusion detection, access control and fire protection. Similarly, equipment such as anti-theft gates should also be considered to detect suspected thieves.

All the solutions offered by Anaveo Antilles-Guyane can be managed through a single interface: our GlobalSecure® solution.

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