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Securing one’s community or its administrations is a growing desire on the part of elected officials. Whether it’s an alarm in a town hall or video surveillance in a public place, discover our solutions and support in terms of security for the administrations of the Antilles-Guyane.

A question about security systems in public administration?

Anaveo Antilles-Guyane is a leader in electronic security and an expert in security for the public sector.

Jurisdictional Security Issues

Installing an electronic security system is an effective way to protect public buildings, sensitive areas such as nurseries or places of worship and limit the risks involved. For this purpose, administrations can opt for a complete and comprehensive security system, including protection against crime, incivilities and major risks to the population, such as fire.

The implementation of a surveillance system with access control allows for centralized management of access to all the buildings of a community. The cameras film the exits and, in particular, authorize entries and exits. Access control, via the use of badges for example, also allows to restrict access to sensitive areas of a public building and to have access to a history of passages. Access control therefore makes it easy to combine administration and security.

The Internal Security Code allows public institutions to film the immediate surroundings of their buildings if they are located in a place exposed to acts of terrorism. The installation of a video surveillance system to film the public highway must in all cases be authorised by the prefect. If you opt for video protection, a camera associated with a biometric system, you must also obtain the agreement of the Cnil. Anaveo assists its public sector clients in the West Indies with all the formalities required for the installation of a security system.

The existence of a video protection system must be indicated, including in public places. This sign must be understandable and permanently displayed at the place subject to video surveillance. This obligation is due to the right to privacy and the relative sanctions in case of infringement of the latter (Article 226-1 of the Penal Code).

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