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The 24/7 West Indies monitoring service

Looking for remote monitoring in Guadeloupe, Martinique or Guyana? Our certified monitoring service centers ensure responsiveness and speed 24/7 in case one of your intrusion alarms is triggered.

Any other remote monitoring questions?

Need remote monitoring? We have the answer to your needs! Contact us, and we will answer all your questions about remote monitoring in the Caribbean.

Remote monitoring allows you to entrust the security of your premises to security professionals. At Anaveo Antilles-Guyane, our remote monitoring center reacts quickly in case of security and technical risks, whether it is an intrusion or aggression alarm, fire protection or equipment failure. This solution is less expensive than human intervention companies. Remote video monitoring completes your security systems and offers you peace of mind when you are not on site.

If an alarm is triggered, a remote monitor in Guadeloupe, Martinique or Guyana, depending on where you are located, checks whether the danger is real. A remote activation process decided with you allows us to quickly launch actions to discourage any ill-intentioned person. Our intervention allows a fast removal of doubt, to always better protect your company.

Anaveo Antilles-Guyane is the leader in security. Our expertise also includes the installation of security systems in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana. All our services and solutions are certified. Our service center is certified APSAD cybersecurity I31.

Remote monitoring in Martinique, Guyana and Guadeloupe is within your reach. The Anaveo Antilles-Guyane teams are here to audit your needs and advise you on the solution best suited to your needs and your business sector.

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We have at heart to offer you the best possible service in terms of security and ensure your serenity.

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We study your needs and challenges in depth to offer you the tailor-made solution that suits you.

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We install your entire system quickly and professionally to ensure the security of your premises as quickly as possible.

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All our installations are certified and comply with current legislation. We also carry out the necessary prefectural authorization.