Fire detection

Fire detection for your premises

Thousands of fires occur every year, especially in the workplace. It is therefore essential to prevent risks and to be able to react quickly if a disaster occurs. Opting for a fire alarm system is therefore more than recommended to properly protect your premises.

Anaveo Antilles-Guyane is a company specialized in fire detection solutions in Guadeloupe and Martinique. Our solutions guarantee reliable and fast fire safety.

How to prevent fire risks?

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There are several types: optical smoke detectors or thermal optical detectors, thermo-velocimetric detectors and thermostatic detectors. To find out which solution to adopt, our team is there to meet with you and design the custom system you need.

Fire detection is a three-step process.

The first thing to look for is the first signs of a fire, such as smoke, heat or flames. Fire safety systems with their optical smoke and heat detectors detect smoke and temperature increases and immediately trigger the second stage: the fire alarm. The information is instantly transmitted and processed by the Fire Safety Control Panel. The sound signal emitted allows to alert immediately the people present.

Finally, the last step consists in making them safe thanks to the emergency exits and protecting the premises with, for example, smoke removal actions.

The manual releases allow any person present to react quickly in the event of a fire. However, automatic detectors allow for a much faster response. They also assure you that the necessary measures will be taken, even if no one is present on site. An autonomous triggering detector is therefore not to be underestimated in fire protection.

Our detection technology complies with the legislative standard and regulations in force. Our solutions are made in France. Installation and maintenance are carried out by our fire detection experts. It is also possible to combine this system with our other services to guarantee you a complete and effective security system.

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