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Fight effectively against intrusions

Equipping yourself with an intrusion detector is the key to protecting your premises from any attempted malicious act. Anaveo Antilles provides professionals with turnkey solutions to effectively protect their sites and premises.

Our services allow an almost instantaneous removal of doubt: any attempt of intrusion is quickly detected, treated and if necessary prevented thanks to our alarms.

Questions about intrusion detection?

We are here to answer all your questions about the installation of an intrusion detection system.

We are here to automate the process as much as possible in case of an intrusion. You can check your intrusion detection camera by yourself. Nevertheless, we are there to react as quickly as possible and contact the authorities if necessary. You can also call on one of our remote monitoring centres, which will react immediately in the event of an intrusion detection.

Intrusion detection systems allow you to protect your premises at 3 different levels: peripheral surveillance, perimeter surveillance and volumetric surveillance.

Peripheral protection consists of monitoring the surroundings with a video surveillance system (including thermal cameras), infrared barriers or fence detectors.

Perimeter protection focuses on monitoring the building itself. Shock detectors, for example, are a very effective solution.

Finally, the volumetric protection corresponds to the surveillance inside the professional premises, checking an intrusion and slowing down the burglars. You can opt for motion detectors, an intruder alarm with siren or a fog generator.

You can reinforce your intrusion detection system with other solutions: access control, fire detection or artificial intelligence. A metal curtain or an armoured door are also material options to consider in addition to your alarm system.

Adopting Anaveo-Antilles solutions guarantees you a certified expertise. Our alarm systems meet the NF APSAD I80 Intrusion – Cybersecurity standards and are already installed in many companies. They are also modular in order to be as close as possible to your needs. Not convinced yet? Contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions.

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